Under the light of the full moon, after only a few months of designing, fabric selection and teaching herself how to sew, Gabriela Rosales launched Moon Arrow on May 3, 2015. Ignited by an epiphany to make her passion her profession after 4 years in college failed to spark inspiration, Moon Arrow is a lifestyle and clothing brand for the free flowing gypsy traveller who still appreciates the glamourous things in life.

Fashion has been a driving force for Gabis entire life. From styling friends to altering outfits for her fellow go-go dancers, it was the thing that remained constant, although in the background. It wasnt until she dropped out of school and was let down by countless jobs, that this passion came to the forefront.

Inspired by Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and wildlife and lover of all things Earthly, Moon Arrow speaks to those who yearn for adventure and bliss. Gabis background as a go-go dancer and yoga teacher are pillars of the brand, inspiring dance-friendly and comfortable clothing to accentuate the body and the way it moves.

Moon Arrow represents a fusion of cultural representation and psychedelic luxury. Our goal is to be an aesthetic representation of world unity; incorporating fabrics from our travels all over the world including Guatemala, India, China and Zambia and showcasing our designs on people of all backgrounds.

As inspired by Artemis, 5% of every purchase will be donated to The Wildlife Conservation Society.

***Until further notice our donations will be redirected to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. If you have a preference between the two, please include that in your Note upon purchase. Together we are stronger***